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At Triple R we want to ensure that you will find the exact aircraft you are looking for. Being that Triple R aircraft are recycled aluminum airframes with all new systems, engines, etc., the selection is only limited by the current market supply and a few additional criteria which Triple R has created in order to guarantee a flawless rebuilding process.

Generally our goal is to rebuild aircraft that can be fully financed and insured. This means that appraisers, banks, insurance companies and the marketplace have a long-established relationship with owners, suppliers and resellers of these airplanes.

Hence, only low-production volume or orphan airplanes as well as fabric airplanes that do not have readily available parts or an established support network are no candidates for Triple R rebuilds.

Whatever your mission profile or requirements are, we are certain that there is a qualified Triple R airframe in the market that is either already rebuilt or can serve as an excellent platform for your customized rebuilding project.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of potential Triple R airframe candidates on our aircraft pages and once you have narrowed down your selection, either take a look at currently available and already rebuilt aircraft on our aircraft listings pages or contact us or one of our partners for more information.

We are also offering you the opportunity to help us further refine our offerings to our customers. On every aircraft page you will find a link to our short Triple R aircraft buyers survey. We strongly encourage all of our visitors to spend less than 5 minutes and share your aircraft preferences with us.

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Suitable Triple R Airplanes

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