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Article: Triple R to Exhibit at Flying Expo 2014

Triple R Affordable Aircraft to Exhibit At Flying Expo October 30 - November 2, 2014. Palm Springs, CA

Triple R's VP-GM Christian Pulm says that Triple R will be an exhibitor at the new Flying Expo in Palm Springs this month, marking the second time the company has attended a major trade show.

"We were delighted with the press coverage we received after AirVenture and now that our advertising is running, we can say that Triple R is becoming a more recognized brand every day. We plan to visit with prospective buyers and rebuilders of rebuilt aircraft, now that we have launched the Triple R concept successfully and have over 350 leads from prospects" he says. "The Palm Springs venue puts us in touch with the Southwestern marketplace and California in particular."

"We plan to announce a number of Triple R Certified Rebuilder locations by the end of the year and look forward to meeting our prospective owners at this show. Although we won't have an airplane to show, we can answer questions about our rebuild standards including recommended equipment including engines, avionics, seatbelt airbags, interiors, paint and other Triple R quality and documentation." he says.

Come see us at booth #923 and visit for additional information about the show.

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