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Article: Triple R Standards Program Underway

Triple R Standards Program Underway

If you buy a Triple R airplane it has been inspected, documented and certified that it meets our standards and will perform as new, backed by warranties from the OEM suppliers we have chosen.

Requirements include new or factory rebuilt engines and props, new avionics and wiring harnesses, new and reconditioned seats and interiors, new paint, new components firewall forward, refurbished gear, brakes wheels and new tires, new lighting and electrics and much more.

It also means that every part and system on a Triple R airplane is inspected, replaced, refurbished or repaired--and fully documented-- so there is no doubt about the quality and reliability of each completed airplane.

Triple R was established by our sponsors specifically because of these rebuilding standards we are requiring from our rebuild partners. Until now, "Rebuilt" airplanes could mean virtually any level of refurb, repainting, overhauls and avionics updates.

But now, Triple R, our Rebuild partners and sponsors are developing a set of standards based on the OEM airframe's maintenance manuals, OEM supplier best practices, FAA approved repair procedures and guidance from industry technical experts.

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