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Article: Triple R Means Rebuild, Restore and Re-Equip

Triple R means Rebuild, Restore and Re-Equip. It also means "Re-think"...

The Triple R program is up and running. With the timely help of our sponsors, we have awakened an almost forgotten population of sophisticated consumers - owner pilots - that want less costly rebuilt airplanes and are willing to buy them now.

This means that the GA industry will need to not only rebuild, restore and re-equip our fleet, we also need to "Re-Think" the way we support and rebuild our pilot population once again.

Triple R can help by providing lower-cost entry points for flight training aircraft, flying clubs, rental fleets and private owners. We think it can also be the tipping point for bringing modern airplanes to a new generation of adult professionals who might become student pilots.

Along those lines, here's a hint at something you'll be reading about in a few weeks - Triple R is also about to launch an email-based program to connect owner pilots like you with friends that may not have flown in a GA airplane but have thought about learning to fly.

Last month, on July 31st, our first press conference at AirVenture was well attended both by the aviation media as well as our growing list of sponsors and partners. Look for coverage in AVweb, AOPA Pilot, Plane and Pilot and others aviation magazines.

And, we were stunned by the sheer numbers of news sites that are running the AVweb and AOPA coverage of our launch. As a result, we have had over 10,000 unique visitors to our website since Friday, August 1st at AirVenture. These visitors have spent an average of six minutes reviewing our site - so it is safe to say they know who we are and what we do!

Even better, we have received a number of emails from potential owners who want to know how soon our Rebuilders can fill orders.

Rebuilt, Restored and Re-equipped is not just an idea any more.

Triple R is now becoming both a brand and an idea who's time has come.

We are doing a certain amount of market education, explaining that "Rebuilt" means complete, without compromise. This is not a half-way measure and most everyone we talk to "gets it".

We are hearing, "Why hasn't anybody thought of this before?" over and over again from interested owners. Obviously, the idea is not new, just the execution based on standards of new content, complete refurbishment and parts replacement that had been inconsistent up to now.

If you get this newsletter directly from us, you are probably one of our recent 11,000 website visitors or one of the 1,600 AVweb subscribers who returned our initial survey and said you are either a prospect--or simply want more information as we move forward.

I would also guess that you share our vision that the GA industry is worth rebuilding, right along with your airplane.

We want affordable Triple R airplanes to become available not just for private individuals and small businesses but throughout GA wherever pilots need the cost savings and reliability of a rebuilt airplane.

I also believe that soon, Triple R airplanes will be found at your nearby FBO, flight school, flying club, Cessna Pilot Center or Open Airplane rental fleet.

It just makes sense: rebuilt airplanes require lower capital outlay, offer identical engine and avionics performance and warranties, less insurance cost and equal or better performance in many cases.

The Triple R program is not a quick fix. There are no "shortcuts" in a complete rebuilding program. It is not easy to rebuild and do it right - and Triple R is not the cheap "silver bullet" we have all been looking for.

It is however the right choice at the right time--and necessary for GA's near term future.

I came to that realization two years ago when it became apparent to me that I would likely never own a new airplane. I suspected that same belief was nearly universal among my pilot friends.

Then, four months ago, 96 percent of the 6,000 AVweb Triple R survey respondents said they shared the same belief and over 75 percent thought a rebuilt airplane could be part of their flying future.

After two years of working on the idea, it's safe to say that our partners, Rebuilders and thousands of pilots like you want this program to take off.

Meanwhile, let us know what you think, what specific airframe you want included in Triple R--and pass along our message to your flying and non-flying friends.

Let's light this candle...

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