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Article: The AOPA 152 Reimagined

The AOPA 152 Reimagined

A $100,000 152?

Outrageous, no?


AOPA introduced its reimagined 150/152 airplanes at Air Venture, priced with basic VFR /light IFR avionics for $100,000 - and we believe this to be a step in the right direction. These airplanes are thoroughly rebuilt and generally meet Triple R standards (although AOPA does not participate in the Triple R program).

We applaud these efforts.

But some AOPA members don't get it and have posted on the AOPA website that this is twice the price they would be willing to pay for a 152.

Back to the barn find story for a few moments: sure you can find a 10,000 hour, good looking 152 out there for $35,000, even $50,000. But don't try to run a flight school, flying club or FBO rental fleet with bargain airplanes.

The same readers also think there is a free lunch out there for a few pilots who can locate and fly that barn find without bankrupting themselves with unforeseen maintenance problems or finding out in flight that the bargain basement airplane can put them under in a different, irreversible way.

A partially rebuilt airplane may deliver similar performance for a time. But an airplane with worn parts will need far more maintenance and trips to the shop compared to a completely rebuilt or new airplane over a similar period of time.

There's nothing out there that really competes with a rebuilt 152 at $100K.

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