Why Triple R?

Why Triple R? Because General Aviation needs more capable affordable airplanes at all levels

Most pilots/aircraft owners would love to operate new airplanes with the latest equipment - but they realize their flying budget just won't match up with a new airplane.

In 2013, the GA industry delivered 933 piston twins and singles - worldwide - and just over 700 of those in the U.S. (Subtract from that later exports overseas by these U. S. customers.) With numbers like these, fewer than one in 1,000 U.S. -based pilots will likely buy a new piston airplane this year.

While there is a market for new piston airplanes, very few piston operators currently can afford a new airplane for personal or business flying. The average cost of a new 170-knot piston four-to-six seat airplane is now over $600,000.

Yet, similar models in past decades can be rebuilt and retrofitted with new engines/avionics for a fraction of this cost--and will perform identical missions.

The time to rebuild the GA fleet is now. The alternative: do nothing and watch our fleet decay!

The Triple R Survey

When we first came up with Triple R, everything made sense to us. But we wanted to find out what US pilots think. With the help of AVweb we surveyed 6,000+ active pilots. The positive results more than confirmed our direction. Full survey results are available upon request but here are the high points:

Our survey participants were presented with a short introductory paragraph about Triple R and asked to rate the idea on a scale from 1 to 10.


Survey participants were asked to rate the likelihood of purchasing a Triple R aircraft on a scale from 1 to 10. 65% chose 7 or above.


Despite the anonymous survey, 1600 pilots expressed an active interest in Triple R aircraft by supplying us with their contact details to receive more information about Triple R.


The Triple R Affordable Aircraft Initiative changes this,
for our customers this means:

Airplanes fully modernized from nose-to-tail and wingtip-to-wingtip, including engines, avionics, wiring, props, interiors, paint, batteries, tires, brakes, accessories and glass.

Airplanes meeting set quality standards, minimum equipment lists, new content standards and other quantifiable specifications 

Airplanes fully supported by  supplier warranties and rebuilder warranties.

Appraisers, insurers, banks and other lenders assured of the value and marketability of these remanufactured airplanes, both when first purchased and later on the the re-sale market.

We understand that remanufactured airplanes are difficult to appraise when equipped with many different options from each specialized rebuilder. Thus, our standardization is the key to repeatability and good value appraisals

We also understand that it's critical to have a steady source of OEM and PMA parts for both airframes and systems. We enjoy the continued support of our airframe OEM and supply chain partners. Why? It's our goal to be a complementary player in efforts to maintain and grow a healthy, on-going General Aviation industry.

Further, it is our goal to be a complementary source of proven, conservative legacy airframes.