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    Rebuilt, Restored & Re-Equipped
    Triple R is your solution for
    & light turboprops

Triple R is unique... allowing you to choose your airframe

Are you...

Do you need an affordable, up-to-date modern airplane?

Many piston and light turbine airframes are in excellent condition and are capable of thousands of hours of future use. They can be rebuilt with all new systems, components, wiring, glass, paint and interiors. AND they will offer the same or better performance economics than comparable new aircraft.

So, we think it's time for GA to be RRReborn! Time to Re-Build, Restore and Re-Equip the fleet. How? By launching an organized process to rebuild and sell GA airplanes using industry-accepted best practices at qualified Part 145 and custom repair shops. Input from aviation industry leaders, organizations, OEM suppliers and type clubs says that such "Triple R" reborn airplanes will appeal not only to aircraft owners, but also to banks, appraisers and insurers.


Aircraft rebuilt to industry-wide quality standards, as determined by the leading OEMs.


Performance and durability of new airframes at a fraction of the cost.


Choose from a variety of airframes and recommended equipment.


Purchase a plane fully rebuilt or re-build one according your specifications.


Triple R aircraft and Triple R re-building services will be easy to find, easy buy.

Peace of Mind

Deal only with certified Triple R shops and brokers. No more need for you to coordinate various sub-contractors.


Aircraft insurance companies have already committed to the Triple R program and will offer rates that match other aircraft of similar value.


The all-new content of Triple R aircraft reassures banks and other lenders of their marketability and value.

Long-Term Resale Value

Extensive, permanent online documentation for each Triple R aircraft verifies for future buyers its value, rebuilt systems and new equipment.

Triple R Affordable Aircraft's Principles

We're not the only ones excited about Triple R...

6,000 readers surveyed by AVweb expressed an interest in the program along with many aviation industry leaders.

Are you interested in a Triple R aircraft?

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